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World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day

Turtles and tortoises are common sightings in parables, stories, and pop culture and we celebrate World Turtle Day on May 23 to honor these resilient animals. Turtles and tortoises are associated with wisdom and perseverance. They are reptiles that are found in many environments all around the world. These creatures play an important role in their respective ecosystems. They dig holes that are inhabited by other creatures and keep our beaches clean by feeding on dead fish that wash up on the shores. They maintain an ecological balance and, therefore, it’s important to conserve these gentle animals.

It’s easy to get confused between a tortoise and a turtle. The main difference between the two is that turtles sometimes live in the water, while tortoises only live on the land. Turtles live up to the age of 40 and have streamlined and mostly flat shells. On the other hand, tortoises can live up to 300 years and they have larger, more domed shells. You will mostly find turtles in the sea, while tortoises inhabit dense jungles and grasslands.

Turtles and tortoises are two different animals but this day is dedicated to celebrating and protecting both. The day was first celebrated by American Tortoise Rescue in 2002 and it highlights the suffering and the dwindling numbers of these animals due to human interference and environmental hazards. Schools, rescue centers, and nature lovers all come together on this day to learn more about these creatures and pledge their allegiance to help save them.

American Tortoise Rescue was created by Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson. They organize charity drives and actively work to spread awareness of the critical conditions of these shelled reptiles. The couple is known for their humane treatment of all animals, including reptiles. Since its establishment in 1990, American Tortoise Rescue has given homes to over 4,000 tortoises and turtles. The organization also assists local law enforcement in guarding turtles’ natural habitats and tending to them when they are sick.

1.Adopt a turtle
Adopt a turtle or a tortoise from the rescue shelter. These creatures make for hassle-free pets. They do need much attention and are perfect pets for young children!

2.Donate to turtle conservation centers
You may want to donate to local tortoise conservation centers as well as American Tortoise Rescue. No amount is small and your donation will go a long way!

3.Volunteer to help out
You could sign up at a turtle rescue center and volunteer to help out. Volunteers can help out by tending to sick turtles, feeding them, etc.!

A.It’s socially responsible
We inhabit the planet with countless different creatures. World Turtle Day reminds us to be respectful of the ecological balance and sensitive to our animal friends.

B.It promises a better future
World Turtle Day promises a better future where humans and turtles can coexist peacefully. Protecting these animals means protecting our own future.

C.A special day for animal lovers
Animal lovers look forward to this day doing their bit for the conservation of turtles and tortoises. It’s a great day to volunteer, raise awareness, and donate.


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