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World Party Day

World Party Day

World Party Day (or P-Day) on April 3 is about enjoying yourself on your terms. Throw on some tunes, bring out the refreshments, hang out with friends, or just relax in your element. We love a good time — celebrate however you choose, just as long as you do your party your way. This day is about bringing, spreading, and embracing joy. On April 3, we encourage you to stay indoors and create a celebration that fits your personality and your unique style.

The inspiration for World Party Day stems from a novel entitled, “Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel” written by American author, Vanna Bonta. Published in 1995, the novel ends with — spoiler alert — a big party. It ends with a synchronized worldwide celebration that takes place on April 3. In real life, groups of people found each other sharing the same goals of peace and they want to utilize human intelligence and resources toward global humanitarian progress. Bringing together people in the name of social change, it became a worldwide phenomenon involving millions of people, corporations, and organizations working together to contribute positively to the future of the earth and humanity.

The day itself isn’t associated with any religious or political connections, meaning anyone can join in on the celebrations. After all, partying itself is a “universal human right to fun, peace, and life.” All you need to do to join in is to party. It’s a tough job, but someone gotta do it, in the name of tradition. You can party with a group of strangers, some of your best friends, your pets, your significant other, or your reflection — as long as you do, you’re doing it right.

No need to RSVP here. The entire world has been formally invited to love, create, dance, and party for nearly 25 years. This holiday is meant to showcase joy all around the world, a sentiment that is depicted in Bonta’s novel. In the words of “Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel” itself, “The people knew what had made them human. It was not their shortcomings, but their hearts.”

1.Create a celebration that honors your culture.
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: this day is meant for you to party your way, and that includes infusing some of your personal cultural beliefs and customs. We also believe it to be a good idea to be yourself, after all that’s a pretty big part of celebrating joy and peace.

2.Organize a fun, inclusive block party in your community!
Plan a party wherever you call home and include your neighbors or friends on your block. Creating a peaceful environment in your neighborhood among people that are part of your everyday life is important, and it’s also a great way to be able to highlight your community.

3.Host a party and donate proceeds to a local charity of your choosing.
Philanthropy is about paying it forward, and parties are about enjoyment. Why not combine the two? Host a party that you design from your flare, and then ask your guests to consider contributing to a specific cause that means a lot to you. At the end of the day, you’ll have a good time with friends and eventually donate to an important cause that means a lot to you.

A. Celebrating joy and serenity
Employing strategies for living a healthy life is beneficial. Exercise improves every aspect of your health, and dance is a great way to work towards making that happen.

B. There is no shortage of ways to participate
We get it — the concept of a world party can be daunting. No worries, because you cannot go wrong with your planning abilities. There is no shortage of ways to get involved. This party is for one and all, the invitations are already in the atmosphere!

C. For introverts and extroverts
Whether you’re a homebody who likes time for yourself or a people-person who enjoys being a part of a larger group, this day is for you! Throw on some of your favorite tunes and dance on your own or head over to a friend’s place with a bowl of guac and a couple of six-packs. As long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right!


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