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Wife Appreciation Day

Wife Appreciation Day

National Wife Appreciation Day, celebrated on the third Sunday of September (September 18), gives those of us (men, women, trans, fluid, etc.) who are lucky enough to have wives an extra chance to show them how much they mean to us. Our wives keep us grounded and centered. They inspire us to work hard, play hard, and to always have something to bring to the table to show that we’re improving ourselves. Wives ask us to take out the trash and empty the dishwasher and change the oil (stereotypical but true), which is good with us because those things need to get done anyway, and we like the idea of our ladies having that extra fifteen minutes or half-hour to just be in their space. Celebrate this day with a beautiful date with your wife, Check out the 50 dates ideas.

The historical research on National Wife Appreciation Day is scant indeed, but 2006 is accepted as the first year the holiday officially “went on the books.” That is, it isn’t yet recognized as a U.S. government holiday, but rather, in 2006 it became widely acknowledged and celebrated by couples country and worldwide.

We don’t know what specifically about 2006 caused the “spark that lit the fire.” However, that happened to be the year former Beatle Paul McCartney separated from his wife Heather Mills, a fact that may be notable because the legal rift was opened between them only three days after Mother’s Day that spring. Could the songsmith have bungled his wife’s expectations as a mom so badly that she wanted to live apart, only 72 hours after whatever blow-up happened? And if so, could McCartney have used his juggernaut-like influence in pop culture to help engineer a second chance that same fall, by getting the right eyes on the right proposals for a Wife Appreciation Day?

Well, even if our theoretical rationale is correct, the holiday has ironically turned out to be a gift to everyone but McCartney and Mills, as the couple’s divorce was finalized in 2008. We see it all as a cautionary tale: never miss an opportunity to be demonstrative with your affections, to your whole family, yes, but on National Wife Appreciation Day, to her, your one-and-only.

1.Arrange a spa day
It’s a rare wife who isn’t up for a little pampering from time to time. So schedule a spa day for her on or around National Wife Appreciation Day, and let her get some much-needed attention.

2.Spread the good news
The “socials” make it easy to share information, so be sure to send out a few tweets, or post on Facebook telling the world how much you appreciate your wife. Use the hashtag #WifeAppreciationDay, too!

3.Do all the chores
Yes, we know both partners do a lot around the house. But today for your wife, you can do even more. How about giving her a day off where she doesn’t have to lift a finger, no matter what task needs taking care of. Bite the bullet. She’ll love you for it.

A. We adore them
Our wives amaze us. They are our calm in the eye of the storm, and we know life can get stormy. When we think about it we get a little wistful, so let us just say we’re super grateful that they care so much about us.

B. Wives don’t get enough credit
Many of the amazing things our wives do every day go unrecognized. That’s partially because wives are often expected to do them without drawing attention to how much work may be involved. Well, we’re here to say that we do appreciate those things, and want to show it.

C. It’s a special kind of day off
National Wife Appreciation Day can be a nice surprise if we let our wives know that Sunday morning that they don’t have to do a single thing all day.


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