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Odd Socks Day

Odd Socks Day

Odd Socks day is held on the first day of the third week in November. The event is not only a great way to express uncanny styles, it’s also promoting a good cause. The day is meant to remind us to think about our words before we say them and their effects on others. Socks might not seem daring in the grand scheme of things, but they have their own etiquette. Style guides often state the color of socks should match the color of shoes, otherwise it’s a fashion faux pas. On Odd Socks Day, however, those rules can be forgotten!

It’s not a well-known fact, but socks have been around since the Stone Age. Cavemen were actually the first people to wear socks after a wave of surprising ingenuity. They would wrap animal skin around their feet and tie them around their ankles for warmth. Although they looked much different than the versions we wear today, these archaic socks were the prototypes of the future.

Romans modernized the sock during the eighth century BC. The poet Hesiod wrote about them in his piece “Works and Days,” where he makes reference to ‘piloi’, a sock that was made of matted animal fur. This revolutionized the cavemen model which was worn under their sandals. Such a fashion statement is looked down upon now, but back then, such a look was seen as modern. Later, Romans started wrapping their feet in strips of leather or woven fabric, and in the second century AD, they sewed fabrics together for a more fitted and comfortable feel.=

In the Middle Ages, socks had another major advancement. Trousers were lengthened and socks became tighter with more colorful fabric. People covered the lower part of the leg, and since they didn’t yet use elastic bands, garters were used to keep them from falling. This update made society more fashionable, as well as more options to choose from.

Odd Sock Day first started in 2017 as a way to deter bullying in school. With the rise of technology and the added pressure children face social media and at school, the Anti-Bullying Alliance created the day to remind people that it’s good to stand out. By expressing oneself without fear of judgment reaffirms the idea that being who you are is more than enough. If we can appreciate someone else’s odd socks, we can also appreciate each individual’s differences.

1.Wear odd socks
The most obvious way to celebrate Odd Socks Day is by simply wearing your oddest pair of socks. They can be colorful and bright, mix-matched, have an odd pattern, or anything else you can think of. Wear them proudly and get your friends and family in on the action. See which of you can come up with the oddest pair and when people ask about it, tell them about the anti-bullying cause.

2.Put your socks on social media
While donning odd socks, post them on social media with the hashtag #OddSocks and #AntiBullyingWeek. Include a personal message in support of anti-bullying and uplift voices who have done the same.

3.Read up about anti-bullying
There are plenty of resources and ways to help when it comes to anti-bullying. Visit the website and learn about the other days of Anti-Bullying Week and how you can help support this cause. Donate to help make the world nicer to each other and inform others to do the same.

1.Sock origins
‘Sock’ comes from the Latin word ‘soccus’ which means a loose-fitting slipper that was worn by Roman comic actors.

2.Socks and clocks
The design on the ankle or side of the sock is called a clock.

3.The power of silk stockings
Silk stockings were a fashion statement among noblemen and royalty that designated their status in society.

4.Sleeping with a pair
Wearing a pair of warm and fluffy socks to bed encourages healthy blood flow and improves the quality of sleep.

5.There’s a sock city
Datang in easter China is called ‘Sock City’ because it’s known as the world’s top sock producing region.

A. It gets the word out
Anti-bullying is incredibly important. With all of the pressures that kids face today, anything that we can do to help spread the word about appreciating each other is positive. Encouraging people to be more thoughtful and less critical will help make the world a better place.

B. Express yourself
Creative expression shouldn’t go unnoticed. Odd Socks Day is a time to express yourself and to think outside of your normal parameters. Day to day we might feel pigeonholed by society, but this day is all about being as odd as we want!

C. Feet shouldn’t go unnoticed
Because we wear them on our feet, socks aren’t at the top of the list of clothing items that most people pay attention to, which is exactly why celebrating them is a good thing. It’s the small things in life that matter, and a little bit more attention to detail can make you appreciate socks in a whole new way.


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