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National Walnut Day

National Walnut Day

They’re great for your heart, brain, and bones; and you can incorporate them into any meal.

They may not be as popular as almonds or peanuts, but let’s show walnuts some respect: they’re great for your heart, your brain, and your bones; you can incorporate them into any meal; and they’ve literally been around for almost 10,000 years. The Walnut Marketing Board established National Walnut Day in the 1950s, and we’ve celebrated on May 17 ever since. Read on for all the best ways to use walnuts, because they’re so much more than just another ingredient to toss in chicken salad.


  1. Kitchen chameleons
    These versatile nuts can be eaten raw or toasted, pickled or candied, added to a wide range of cereals, baked into pies, cakes, and cookies, tossed onto ice cream, used in pesto and other sauces, and processed into oils and nut butters.
  2. More than just food
    Ink still made today from walnut husks is said to have been used by Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt for writing and drawing; shells are crushed for use as landscape mulch; and the abrasive quality of ground walnut shells also makes them useful in cleaning products.
  3. Wall-to-wall
    Especially abundant in the U.S. and China, walnuts are also cultivated in Iran, Turkey, Mexico, Ukraine, Chile, England, Slovenia, and Romania.
  4. Healing properties
    Walnuts have been used to reduce inflammation, heal wounds, and freshen breath
  5. Long-lasting
    A walnut tree can live to be 250 years old

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