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National Sugar Cookie Day

National Sugar Cookie Day

Arguably one of the greatest holidays of all time, National Sugar Cookie Day falls on July 9 each year and provides us with the perfect excuse to indulge in our guiltiest, sugar-filled cravings. They’re fun, they’re classic, but most importantly, they taste unbelievably delicious. Originating back in the 1700’s in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, sugar cookies were initially referred to as Nazareth Cookies by German Protestant settlers and baked in the shape of a keystone, their state’s symbol. Fast forward a couple hundred years later and traditional sugar cookies are now a treasured staple amid most households. Though they are outwardly simple, sugar cookies are a popular treat frequently consumed on numerous different occasions, including Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, and birthdays. There are ample ways to celebrate this holiday — but really, do we need a reason to celebrate sugar cookies?

A. They’re easy to make
Requiring only six ingredients — flour, butter, baking powder, eggs, sugar, and vanilla — sugar cookies are so simple to make that a 5 year old could do it (with parental supervision, of course). There’s not a large amount of effort involved aside from mixing together the basic components and shaping them into marble-sized, round balls. Should you decide to add cookie cutters to the mix, you’ll need to promptly acquire some baking skills, as the process tends to be slightly more complicated.

B. They’re fun to decorate
Whether you prefer the classic look of plain sugar cookies or enjoy unleashing your inner Picasso by meticulously painting designs on each individual one, the possibilities are boundless. Some opt to embellish them with holiday-themed accouterments, while others are more concerned with taste than aesthetics. For a unique twist and added flavor, adorn them with chocolate chips, sprinkles, or frosting. There is no wrong way to decorate a sugar cookie!

C. They are a household staple
You may or may not have your pantry stocked with the essential ingredients at all times, but most of us have fond memories of the past that include some variation of sugar cookies. With such a delectable, classic flavor, it’s impossible not to love them!


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