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National Short Person Day

National Short Person Day

“Great things come in small packages”, National Short Person Day is on December 22. Whether you’re tall and have short people in your life, or you yourself are short, it’s a time to celebrate. On this day, own your shortness and have fun with the short people in your life.

If you can’t point out the short friend in your group, chances are you are the short friend. Not sure if that’s actually you though? Well, is your view often blocked at concerts? Do you find yourself doing a slight jog to keep up with your friend’s “slow pace?” Are you still carded at bars, even though you’re 30? Well, we have news for you, you’re the short friend.

Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte, who is known for being short, wasn’t actually that short? In fact, he was around 5 feet 7 inches, which was tall for Frenchmen of his time. The myth of Napoleon being short actually arose because the British liked to portray their French enemy as “little Boney.” Also, since Napoleon was usually surrounded by soldiers from his guard, who were even more above average height than he was, he often appeared short in comparison. In his autopsy, he’s measured as 5 feet 2 inches, but that was in French inches which were larger than British and American inches.

Short people have obviously been around forever, but the classification of short differs depending on time period and nationality. In America, the average height for a woman is considered 5 feet 5 inches, while the average height for men is 5 feet 10 inches. In comparison, the average female height in China is 5 feet 2 inches and the average male height is 5 feet 6 inches. Therefore a man who might be considered short in America can be considered tall in China, meaning that tallness and shortness is all relative. But, if you’re short in your country, don’t be afraid to own it. This day is for you!

1.Point out the plus side of being short
Tall, average, short, doesn’t matter — on National Short Person Day, make it a priority to acknowledge the many positives of being short. For instance, point out to people in your life who are short — or remind yourself — that being short means your have more legroom on airplanes and in cars. Also, you have your choice of petite or normal clothing sections, and you don’t have to worry about blocking a person’s view at a concert or movie theater.

2.Celebrate your friends
Make sure you let the short people in your life know how great they are. Whether you shoot them a text telling them it’s National Short Person Day, or call them up to let them know how great they are, just make sure they feel loved and accepted.

3.Wear flat shoes (if you’re tall)
Make the decision to stay away from any shoes that’ll add height and instead show your support by wearing the flattest shoes you own.

A. It promotes acceptance
Whether you’re a short person or have short people in your life, National Short Person Day serves as a reminder to accept people for who they are. Let’s certainly not judge anyone based on their height. And remember, it’s a time to point out that no matter what sets us apart from one another, it’s important to embrace the differences.

B. It highlights diversity
Different heights, sizes, and ethnicities — among other traits that set us apart — is what makes the world so special. Luckily, National Short Person Day serves as yet another way to celebrate diversity.

C. It can help boost confidence
Fortunately, the positive vibes of National Short Person Day encourage short people to own their height. So stand…tall? You know what we mean.


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