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National Send a Card to a Friend Day

National Send a Card to a Friend Day

Have you ever gotten excited when you open the mailbox and find a handwritten card or letter? We all love getting items in the mail. But why? Perhaps it’s the time it takes to sit down in our busy lives and write the card. Perhaps it’s the fact that the person was thinking about you when they selected the card. Perhaps it’s the quaintness of receiving something so physical in our age of rapid digital and instant gratification. Whatever the reason, join us on February 7th as we celebrate National Send a Card to a Friend Day! Check out 100 birthday wishes as well for their special occasion.

1.Pick out a fun card for a friend
Half of the fun in sending a card is picking out the perfect one for your pal. Do they love pirates? Do they go scuba diving? Are they into silly cards? Take some time out to pick the one you know they’ll love!

2.Send that card!
Just do it! take the time out of your day and sit down on your lunch break to write out a card to that friend on the other side of the country. You’ll be glad you did.

3.Have fun with the stamp
Did you know the post office is constantly coming out with fun and exciting new stamps? Vintage circus, Star Trek, famous people, flowers, animals: they have them all. Check with your local post office and find a stamp that matches your card to a T.

A. Sending a card shows you care about people
Have you ever heard the quote: The measure of a life is not what that life accomplishes but rather the impact that life has on others? -Jackie Robinson. Jackie sums it up perfectly: it’s all the little things we can do for others that add up to how impactful we are in someone’s life and that is of immeasurable value in the grand scheme of things.

B. Sending a card is good for you!
Reaching out to your friends is not only a sweet gesture for them, but it can also actually make you happier and healthier too! One 10-year study of 1,500 people over 70 years old found that those with stronger friendship networks lived longer than those with fewer friends. So, reach out to your friends, even if you live far away. A little gesture and effort can mean so much to someone and can make them, and your day brighter!

C. Writing and sending cards let you say what you want
Writing a card gives you the platform to express how you feel without feeling shy or embarrassed. If you have trouble saying things to your friends like “I miss you” “you are such an important part of my life” or “thank you for being there for me”, writing gives you the platform to say the things you mean or think but just have never been able to. So go ahead and say what you feel and guaranteed your friend will appreciate it.


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