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National Rosé Day

National Rosé Day

Celebrate summer, friends, and all things pink on National Rosé Day! Not many people need an excuse to open a fresh bottle of rosé wine but we’ve got some great ideas on how to turn the day into a fun and memorable occasion. Held every year on the second Saturday in June, this year falling on June 11, National Rosé Day was started by Swedish Rosé house Bodvár to pay homage to this glorious summertime wine. Whether you prefer your rosé still or bubbly, deep pink or more orange, raise a glass to this perfect summer sipper.

When the sky clears up, the sun is shining and the sunbeds come out, it’s the perfect time to get yourself a glass of the silky pink drink. But who was the magician that first bottled the pink haziness of the dusk sky?

Unfortunately, the exact moment when the beverage was first made is still unknown since long ago, many of the more familiar red wines were commonly pink in color. This is because the techniques used to make darker wines like hard pressing weren’t widely practiced. Places like ancient Greece, who were experts in all things wine, preferred the lighter drinks as you appeared more civilized.

The Greeks and Romans finally figured out a way to separate their red and white wines, but it was around the middle ages when people from Phocaea, modern-day Turkey, brought grapevines to the old city of Marseille, turning people’s heads towards rosé.

However, rosé had its coming to America party a bit too late. It wasn’t until recent times one of the famous American wineries, Sutter Home Winery, tried to replicate the summer drink — and failed, with their first result being too sweet with an unpleasant aftertaste. That didn’t stop the winery from finding a way to perfect the recipe and become the first producer of the blush drink.

Nowadays, rosé is associated with all things chic, class, glamour, etc. It’s so widely popular, that it’s considered a wine to quench thirst. An easy-going drink to sip on while you’re cooking or a refreshment offered to guests before having dinner.

The bubbly rosé status was solidified in 2014 when the Hamptons had a shortage of rosé. And it wasn’t a surprise that in October of the same year National Rosé Day was made official.

1.Throw a pink party
National Rosé Day is all about being pretty in pink. Go all out on the rosy front by dressing in pink, decorating with cherry blushing blooms, and serving up a variety of rosy-hued dishes! And of course, make sure you’re serving rosé in your cups!

2.Host a wine tasting
Gather your friends and discover the rosé wine revolution together. Consult your local wine shop for recommendations on a range of rosé wines to taste. Serve with a variety of cheeses and other snacks and find your new favorite.

3.Experiment with rosé cocktails
You should know by now how adaptable rosé wine is. No matter the occasion, food, or taste of the drinker, rosé has something to make everyone smile. That flexibility extends to its mixability; grab the cocktail shaker and get testing.


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