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National Pepperoni Pizza Day

National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Pepperoni and pizza, a deliciously mouth-watering, gooey combo right out of pizza heaven! It’s something to consider on National Pepperoni Pizza Day, which is tossed up every September 20. Pizza might be most heavily associated with Italy, but the pepperoni pizza is purely American. Served on more than a third of American pizza orders, it’s safe to say that pepperoni is the U.S.’s favorite topping, and that’s a reason to celebrate. So, today, get up to your local slice shop and get down with National Pepperoni Pizza Day!

1.Find a pizza museum near you
The U.S. Pizza Museum operates out of Chicago and there’s another pizza museum, Pizza Brain, in Philadelphia. Pizza Brain holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of pizza memorabilia.

2.Hunt down the best pepperoni slice
They all might be good, but one of them has to be the best. Use Yelp as your guide to find the best slice of pepperoni heaven near you. Better yet, ask your friends because they always know where to find the most out-of-this-world pepperoni pizza slice in town!

3.Have a pizza party
In this crazy world, if one thing is certain, it’s that everyone loves pizza. Invite some of your friends over in observation of this special holiday. Get different types of pepperoni pizza, from thick crust to thin, then decide which slice tastes best.

A. It’s not good for you — but we love it anyway
We’re living in a time when health-conscious food options become more accessible by the day. That’s great — nutritious foods certainly have their place at the table — but sometimes you just want to chow down on something greasy. Hello pepperoni pizza!

B. It’s universal
Pepperonis are the indisputable king of the pizza topping world, and for good reason — everyone likes pepperoni pizza! Better yet, every neighborhood has pepperoni pizza in a tiny shop, at a gas station store or online. You can get your pepperoni pizza fix, anywhere and anytime.

C. It’s got all the food groups
We can’t argue that pepperoni pizza is healthy for you (see point “A”), but if you’re trying to convince yourself, remember that pizza has all of the important food groups: fruits, veggies, meat, dairy and grain.


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