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National Llama Day

National Llama Day

Llamas aren’t just adorable, majestic creatures. They’re also a big help to people all over the world. National Llama Day is the perfect day to appreciate one of the fuzziest farm animals around. Did you know they’re also smart, social and produce very soft wool? Some live as long as 30 years! Whether you’re cuddling up with your favorite llama or sharing some fun llama facts with your friends and family, December 9 is your day to celebrate.

1.Rent one for your next event
Whether you’re planning a children’s birthday party or your wedding, llamas are sure to liven up any occasion. Lots of companies are ready to rent out their llamas for the day.

2.Buy some llama-themed home goods
Need a new salt shaker? Want to add some funky new art to your home? Search online for some unique llama-themed trinkets.

3.Go to a petting zoo
They’re one of the most popular animals at petting zoos because of their soft fur and gentle nature. Take some time to get up-close and personal with a local llama.

1.​They make great guard animals
Llamas charge at dogs or coyotes and have been known to make high-pitched screams when intruders approach.

​2.They are loyal and cuddly
​Llamas will come running to the sound of their owner’s voice, and they’ll gladly cozy up for a nice hug.

3.​They come in a variety of patterns
Similar to dogs, llamas can have a variety of special markings; however, their close relatives, alpacas, are usually solid in color.

4.They’re more common in the U.S. than you might think
There are currently over 150,000 llamas in the country.

A. They’re super popular
Llamas make a lovable addition to almost any farm. In fact, farmers across the country have been adopting llamas since the 1980s, and they show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

B. Llamas make great companions
Llamas are known for enjoying human interaction. They can even go on outings with you! Naturally curious and gentle, llamas add joy to everyone around them.

C. Llamas are cute on everything
From birthday cards to embroidered pillows, llamas have been trending. National Llama Day is the perfect excuse to break out your “No prob-llama shirt.”


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