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National Landline Telephone Day

National Landline Telephone Day

Pick up the phone! National Landline Day is calling, and it wants to know what you got for number 10 on the math homework. Remember when you were forced to leave your phone at home—because it was attached to your house? Or when your crush called, but your older brother got to the phone first and revealed your secret? Or when you knew you hit true best friend status—memorizing their number? Celebrated on the anniversary of Alexander Graham Bell’s amazing invention, National Landline Telephone Day on March 10 remembers the heyday of the landline phone in all its glory—and makes a strong case for its re-adoption.


1.See how many numbers you can remember

911 doesn’t count. I bet you remember your childhood home phone number—what about best friends, or even your crush?

2.Call someone who still has a landline

And tell them congratulations for celebrating National Landline Telephone Day all year round. It will most likely be a grandparent or an older relative, in which case, you should call them anyway to say hi!

3.Throw your cell phone in the water

Ok, you don’t have to be that extreme, but try to decrease the amount of phone time that isn’t necessary. You’ll be surprised how entertaining life can be without it.


A. It harkens back to a simpler time

Before cell phones, we couldn’t communicate with each other all the time, and that’s arguably a good thing. It forced us to be more attentive in our interactions and to the world around us—there are no texting and driving accidents without cell phones.

B. Old technology has its charm

Sure, the iPhone 10x has Animojis, but remember when caller ID was invented (and ruined prank calling forever)? And we’ll never forget the dial-up noise—or the fights that ensued when one of your siblings wanted to use the Internet when you were talking on the phone.

C. It kept families connected When you called your cousin’s house, you had no idea who was going to pick you up. The phone gets passed among family members, and you might end up catching up with your aunt and uncle for 30 minutes before finally remembering why you called. Staying in touch with family—especially when it’s unexpected—is always a delight.


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