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National Eat What You Want Day

National Eat What You Want Day

Restricting yourself from your favorite foods can be difficult. That is why, on May 11, we celebrate National Eat What You Want Day! On this day, people are encouraged to treat themselves by giving in to their sweet tooth, carb-loading without having a marathon to run, and eating breakfast for dinner. Because on Eat What You Want Day, no one can tell you what NOT to eat.

1.Have breakfast for dinner
One thing that people always seem to seek permission for is having breakfast for dinner. Take the freedom to choose and have a fluffy stack of pancakes with a side of bacon before bedtime. You may throw off your taste buds, but your stomach will be happy.

2.Break the routine
If you normally pack a lunch for school/work, leave the brown paper bag at home. Instead, invite your coworkers out for lunch and try a new restaurant in the area. You will enjoy the company and the break from the same old sandwich.

3.Get the kids involved
Parents are mainly in charge of selecting what’s for dinner. Eat What You Want Day is an opportunity for the kids to decide what will be on tonight’s menu, and creates an opportunity for them to help out with the meal.

A.The freedom to choose
Everyone seems to be so wrapped up in counting calories and restricting themselves from consuming certain foods. On Eat What You Want Day, you have the freedom to choose what to eat without feeling guilty about it.

B.There’s always that one thing we’ve been wanting to try
For many people, cheat days may not be a frequent occurrence for our eating habits. Going out to dinners and drinks with friends stops us from trying the newest dish or drink on the menu. Today you’re allowed to taste those specials that you may have been holding off on.

C.It takes away the structure
Many people plan their days out to include exactly what time and what type of food they will be eating. Eat What You Want Day frees up your schedule and allows you to be spontaneous, adding excitement to your day.

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