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National Dessert Day

National Dessert Day

“Let them eat cake!” This popular French saying holds true especially on October 14, aka National Dessert Day! Calories don’t count today, so make sure to pick up that box of donuts you’ve been thinking about all week. Cash in those kale salad points and reward yourself with the a warm sugary glaze. You’ve earned it!

The term “dessert” originates from the French word desservir, which translates to the action “to clear the table.” This is because dessert is served after a main meal’s dishes have been cleared. However, the sweetness of dessert has existed long before there was a proper title for it. As an act of worship, ancient civilizations would offer dried fruits and honey to their gods. In Ancient Greece, a special sweet bread was made with nuts and honey to make an almost cake-like dish called plakous. It is believed the Ancient Greeks may have also invented pie, as Aristophanes mentions sweetmeats and pastries filled with fruit in his plays.

1.Go ahead, order the dessert
Usually when we go to a restaurant, we restrain ourselves from picking up the dessert menu. But today is a national holiday! Don’t be afraid to conquer that chocolate lava cake a la mode style!

2.Bake your favorite cake
Whether from scratch or from a box, cakes always taste better when they rise in your own oven. That is, if you don’t accidentally eat all the cake batter beforehand. Save us the spoon!

3.Throw a pastry party
Warm, flaky, baked goods are best enjoyed with friends. Have everyone bring their favorite pastry, sit around the table, and strike a harmonious “yum!”

1.Made with love
Girl Scout cookies were originally homemade.

2.A common misconception
Boston cream pie is actually a cake.

3.The origins of the word ‘dessert’
‘Dessert’ originates from the French word desservir, meaning “to clear the table.”

4.McDonald’s serves at weddings
In Hong Kong, McDonald’s creates customized wedding cakes made from their Apple Pie.

5.A fruit like no other
Black sapote is a fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding.

A. Endless flavors
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cream cheese frosting! No matter what you like, there’s a special type of dessert dedicated to your tastebuds!

B. It’s happiness in every bite
Sugar is scientifically proven to aid you through breakups, heartaches, and any case of the blues. When your mouth is happy, you’re happy too!

C. A treat for all seasons
During summertime, you can cool off with a delicious ice cream or frozen yoghurt. In the winter, pour that hot fudge on your crepe to make the ultimate warm and filling dessert!


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