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National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Here’s a little-known chocolatey morsel of info for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day — chocolate ice cream was actually invented before vanilla. You heard right — the earliest ice cream flavors were modeled after drinks, so chocolate naturally came before vanilla because hot chocolate was very popular in 17th-century Europe. In fact, the first frozen chocolate recipe was published in 1692 Naples in the book “The Modern Steward,” and much later chocolate ice cream found its way to the U.S. This day falls on June 7 to help us channel our inner Willy Wonka and pay tribute to this decadently frosty treat.


  1. Visit an old-fashioned ice cream parlor
    If you find yourself hoping for an old-timey experience to celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, head on over to your local ice cream parlor or diner and order a milkshake or sundae. Whatever chocolate flavor you desire, a day at the parlor will be a sweet time when you’re transported 60 years into the past.
  2. Load up on toppings
    The best way to make your ice cream double the chocolatey goodness is to cover it with chunks of your favorite candy bar or douse it in chocolate sauce. Double the chocolate, double the fun.
  3. Fix yourself a dessert-themed cocktail
    After a long day at work, nothing is better than a drink or a bowl of ice cream to take the edge off a stressful day. We say, why not have both? A boozy chocolate cocktail will leave both drinkers and chocolate lovers satisfied — nothing beats a chocolate buzz.


  1. Chocolate + Ice cream = Amazing
    When decadence meets the refreshingly cold, silky texture of ice cream — they’re a truly mouthwatering duo that was clearly meant to be.
  2. Antidepressant?
    Chocolate and ice cream: the world’s most popular foods to indulge in when you’re going through a tough breakup or when you’ve just had a bad day. One bowl is scientifically proven (we hope) to help make fights, heartaches, breakups, and sadness just a little bit easier.
  3. We’re kids again
    Think back to chasing down the ice cream truck or standing on you tip toes to pick out your favorite chocolate scoop at the ice cream counter. Chocolate ice cream brings back that childlike nostalgia with its classic and simple taste.


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