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National Chocolate Covered Nut Day

National Chocolate Covered Nut Day

National Chocolate Covered Nut Day is on February 25 every year, and we’re here to help you amazingly celebrate the day. Do you know that it has been almost 100 years since the first chocolate-covered peanuts were sold? Chocolate is something we all love, and one of the ways to make it even better is to add yet another thing that we adore — nuts! National Chocolate Covered Nut Day is dedicated to the pleasing combination of chocolate with nuts like peanuts, almonds, apricots, cashews, and hazelnuts and celebrates these tasteful treats that are enjoyed by people of all ages.

Chocolate is said to have originated in Mesoamerica where the Aztecs are said to have grown cacao plants, from which they made chocolate. It is believed that the Aztecs drank chocolate as part of rituals. Some even say that it was an ingredient in medicines. The Mayans even referred to chocolate as the drink of the Gods. In those times, chocolate was not eaten as solid food, nor was it sweet. It was consumed in liquid form and was unsweetened, which gave it a bitter taste.

Later in the early 1500s, Hernán Cortés, an explorer from Spain, introduced chocolate to Spain. It is said that Cortés was on a visit to Mesoamerica when a Mayan emperor gifted Cortés a cup of cocoa. Cortés then sowed cocoa seeds in his hometown, and thus the cocoa plantation rose to prominence in Spain. The Spaniards added sugar and honey to overcome the bitter taste of cocoa. Many years later, chocolate traveled to Europe and was a popular drink amongst monarchs and aristocrats.

It is said that the first mixture of chocolate and hazelnut happened during the 1800s in the northwestern Italian region of Piedmont. The paste was called ‘gianduja.’ This was way before even milk chocolate came into existence. Milk chocolate was born in 1876 when Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter added dried milk powder to chocolate. In the 1900s, many companies such as Nestle started mass-producing chocolate-covered nuts, and it soon became a favorite snack among people of all ages.

Though the exact origins of National Chocolate Covered Nut Day are not known, the day has been celebrated by millions every year on February 25, giving recognition to the delicious combination of chocolate with nuts.

1.Eat your favorite chocolate-covered nuts
What better way to celebrate National Chocolate Covered Nut Day than to eat your favorite chocolate-covered nuts? Grab some M&Ms, Snickers, or Cadbury Nutties. The choice is yours!

2.Share it on social media
Let everyone know the importance of the day and that you’re celebrating it. Take a few pictures of you enjoying some delicious chocolaty nuts and post them on your social media page. This will motivate them to eat chocolate-covered nuts and celebrate the day too!

3.Give chocolates to someone
Chocolates are something that only gets sweeter when shared. Do a good deed and give boxes of chocolates to a foster home or a retirement home nearby. If this is too elaborate, you can simply donate chocolates within the community. This would be one of the best ways to celebrate National Chocolate Covered Nut Day.

1.The name originates from ‘xocolatl’
Chocolate is said to have derived from the Aztec word ‘xocolatl,’ which referred to the drink made from cacao beans.

2.It is the food of the gods
‘Theobroma cacao,’ the Latin name for the cacao plant, roughly translates to “the food of the Gods.”

3.Joseph Fry created the chocolate bar
Fry is said to be the first person who made the first-ever solid chocolate bar.

4.It was used as currency
According to a sixteenth-century Aztec document, chocolate was once used as currency in Latin America.

5.Rudolph Lindt created the conching machine
Lindt, the founder of Lindt chocolates, is said to have designed the first-ever conching machine.

A. It allows us to relish these tasty treats
National Chocolate Covered Nut Day gives us a chance to relish delicious chocolate nuts. We often get busy with our lives and forget to treat ourselves to something that we love. This day is a day to keep stress aside and indulge in some nutty chocolates.

B. It gives recognition to chocolate-covered nuts
Chocolate-covered nuts are something we all love, yet we believe that it does not get the recognition it deserves. This day allows us to show some love to these tasty treats that we all love.

C. It is a day to make others happy
This day is special because people celebrate this day by sending and sharing chocolate-covered nuts. This day gives us a chance to give chocolates to someone, especially kids, and put a big grin on their faces.


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