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National Bobblehead Day

National Bobblehead Day

If you find it tough to take bobbleheads seriously, you’re not alone. But perhaps you should. And National Bobblehead Day on January 7 now is a chance to recognize the fun behind these dolls—and admit you like them without feeling self-conscious about it. Although these goofy dolls have become popular in the past couple of decades, bobbleheads have been around for the past few centuries. We bet you there’s a bobblehead version of any famous person you can think of: presidents, sports figures, Supreme Court justices, and the Beatles all have their own bobbleheads. Clearly, National Bobblehead Day is a great idea. And if you don’t believe us, just ask the world’s population of millions of bobbleheads. They’re sure to be nodding in agreement.

1.Visit the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum
The National Bobblehead Museum is still in the planning stages, but you can visit its website and learn more about the history of bobbleheads. You can also see the growing list of bobblehead dolls that have been given away in recent years. Eventually, the museum expects to have a physical presence in Milwaukee. There’s been no official word yet on whether the roof will bounce up and down, though.

2.See how many heads you can bobble simultaneously
Bobblehead dolls are supposed to be fun, right? So line up a few dozen bobbleheads and see if you can get all of their heads bouncing at the same time. Who knows? Maybe the Guinness Book of World Records will have a new entry when you’re finished.

3.Visit a sports stadium on bobblehead giveaway day
Nearly every professional sports team, from the major leagues to the minors, offers a bobblehead giveaway day at some point. Purchase some tickets and receive your free gift! Just be sure to get there early. Such giveaways usually have a limited number, and because some people have been known to take their bobblehead collections pretty seriously, you don’t want to be fighting a cutthroat collector for one of the last bobbleheads in the box.

A. They’re sure to make you smile
Bobblehead dolls are designed to be goofy looking, so they’re great for taking a break during a tough day. It’s impossible to look at a bobblehead and not crack a smile. Keeping a bobblehead on your desk is a surefire way to help yourself feel better and relieve some stress.

B. They’re a great addition to any kind of collection
You don’t have to be a bobblehead collector to enjoy these dolls. If you collect items related to a specific sports team, for example, add a few bobbleheads to your collection, and they’ll fit right in with the other items. If you collect super hero figures, bobbleheads give you quite a few options to round out your collection.

C. They can be really valuable
We wouldn’t recommend spending your retirement plan on your bobblehead collection, but there are some figure out there that have some value. This can be a fun item to collect that also will potentially pay off in appreciation value over the long haul… if you can bring yourself to sell your favorites down the road.


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