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National Beer Lovers Day

National Beer Lovers Day

Let’s all sing, “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” because it’s National Beer Lovers Day on September 7. Time to break out those German steins, decorative pitchers and very cool beer bottles.

Beer and the process of brewing beer goes back to ancient times in cultures the world over. The crafting of beer carries rich traditions, often requiring years of training and experience in the trade while the methods, grains, and flavors continue to change and evolve over time. Becoming a brewmaster can take years of fine-tuning the skills to make an exemplary beer or even an ale. One sure requirement is a love of beer and the craft. Today, fill your glass with an ice-cold, frothy beer and savor every gulp!

1.Drink some beer with friends
Drive to your local beer-selling grocery store and pick up a nice, refreshing 12-pack. Invite your friends and family members to share some brewskies and good times!

2.Go on a bar crawl
If you’ve never been on a bar crawl, National Beer Lovers Day is a perfect time to check one out. It’s a simple idea. Just pick out your favorite watering holes, and drink a beer in each. You might be a “regular” where everybody knows your name or you might encounter a brand new bar, decorated with ferns and full of lots of attractive strangers. You never know, and after a few beers, you won’t care.

3.Tour a brewery and sample some beer
Go online and search for a brewery near you. Do you like craft beer, ale or lagers? Are you passionate about foreign exports or home-grown beer? You’ll learn about hops and grains and you’ll get to sample different kinds of beer.

A. There’s nothing to equal a nice, cold beer!
According to researchers, the taste of beer releases a chemical in the brain which makes people want to drink more. Moreover, beer’s taste — without even any effect from alcohol — can trigger the production of dopamine in the brain, according to a study by researchers from Indiana University. But aside from all that egghead talk, beer is simply delicious!

B. Beer makes others more attractive
Beer, like any alcoholic beverage, reduces your inhibitions. Sitting in a pub or a romantically-lit restaurant or bar can turn regular folks into seductive strangers.

C. Beer is a reward
Beer is not just a drink. It’s the alcoholic equivalent of a pat on the back for a job well done. A beer is like a gold medal reward you give to yourself at the end of a very tough day.


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