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National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day

National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day

It’s a near certainty that when you sit down in your barber’s chair they’re going to ask you how you’re doing. National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day on May 19 was created to ensure that we’re remembering to return the question, to check in with our barbers as they so often check in on us. Barbers work intimately with multiple people every day, dealing with different energies and personalities all the time. It’s not uncommon for a customer to unload their personal struggles onto their barber and that can be a heavy burden to carry, especially if the barber is having a bad day themselves. National Barber Mental Health Awareness was created by Booksy — the app that connects a community of thousands of beauty and health service providers with their customers— to help people realize that barbers take on a lot and to give them the opportunity to talk about their problems, too.

Recent times have seen a growing recognition for the unique role that barbers can and do take on in helping people with their mental health. One such example is a non-profit venture that sees a barbershop double as a place for men of color to talk about their problems. A similar program is forming in the U.K. where the N.H.S., the U.K.’s public health service, launched an initiative in 2020 to provide mental health first aid training for barbers. Barbers have been practicing their trade for thousands of years but it’s only as the world has become increasingly aware of mental health that barbers have been acknowledged for often taking on the role of a therapist, listening to their customers’ problems with an empathetic ear.

On a daily basis, Booksy, which supports and directly communicates with a community that includes thousands of barbers, sees the important role that barbers play in their customers’ lives. This led Booksy to ask, who was there to return the favor; who was checking in on the barbers? Barbers are often independent, passionate entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to keep their customers happy and their businesses growing. It’s a lot to take on, and so, Booksy created National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day as a way of letting barbers know that it’s okay to have an off day, it’s okay to take some time for themselves, and it’s okay for them to talk about their problems, too.

A. We care about our barbers
Many consumers are loyal to their barbers and see them as an extension of their circle of family and friends. Your barber is, after all, someone who helps you transform and feel fresh. It’s good to show them that you appreciate them and let them know that you care.

B. Barbers have problems, too
Barbers are so great at lending a sympathetic ear to our problems that it is easy to forget that they have their own problems, too. In establishing National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day, Booksy creates a safe space for barbers to open up and discuss those problems.

C. Every voice should be heard
Being a barber is one of those professions that lends itself to doing a lot of listening. Sure, barbers have a lot of back and forth with their customers, but a desire to keep the client happy doesn’t always marry well with opening up about your own problems. This holiday is here to let barbers know that they have a voice and it’s okay to say they are struggling.

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