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Mario Day

Mario Day

We celebrate Mario Day on March 10 each year, because March 10, written as “Mar10”, looks like Mario’s name. The friendly mustached Mario character was initially released by Nintendo in 1985 — doesn’t that make you feel old? Since then, Mario has appeared in around 200 different games, and the Mario games have claimed the title of the best selling video game series in history, beating out popular competitors, like Pokemon.

Mario Day has been occurring on March 10 every year for the last decade, give or take. Though the exact origin year is unknown, fans have been celebrating before Nintendo officially embraced the holiday in 2016. When Nintendo officially embraced the holiday and started celebrating annually, they began promoting new and old games, offering special deals and discounts, and started hosting Mario-themed events, as well as promoting sales on some of their games.

Mario’s debut game was Donkey Kong, released by Nintendo in 1981. The design for the animated character was created by critically acclaimed Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who also created Super Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and Starfox. The Mario Bros video games were so successful, a movie adaptation of the game, titled “Mario Bros”, was released in 1993, but it was a flop, both commercially and with audiences. This was one of the first attempts to recreate a video game into a movie.

With each iteration, the Mario series has done its best to always focus on keeping it’s gameplay fun, yet challenging, making it addictive to people of all ages. The U.S. version of Super Mario Bros. 2 is also one of the earliest games to feature a playable female, Princess Peach, in its roster of 4 selectable characters. The Mario series of games and spin offs, are timeless with each game featuring new adventures to try or new challenges to beat, even encouraging players to play with a group of friends.

1.Dress up as Mario or a Mario character
Choose between dressing up as Mario, Luigi, Goomba, Koopa Paratroopa, Wario, Princess Daisy, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Toad, Bowser, Boo, Waluigi, Rosalina, Piranha Plant, or a Super Mushroom.

2.Host a Mario themed party
Throw a themed party, or bring your costumed self to a Mario costume party. It could be a fully themed room full of costumed guests, complete with Mario themed hors d’oeuvres, or just a couple friends playing Mario together at home. It also goes without saying, playing one of the Mario Party games would fit right in.

3.Indulge in some Mario games with friends or family
Whether you love racing in Mario Kart, getting your fight on with Super Smash Bros., or going old school with one of the NES Mario titles, there are options that people of all age ranges and tastes can enjoy.

A.There are so many options of Mario games to choose from.
With over 200 games, there’s a surplus of options to choose for any mood you’re in. You could choose from Puzzle games, Sports games, role-playing games, racing games, or party games, and still be immersed in the world of Mario.

B. The games could have lasting effects for people in real life
One study from the Max Planck Institute found that playing Super Mario 64 helped with spatial orientation, memory formation, strategic planning, and fine motor skills. The Mario games are not only fun, but beneficial for your brain, too! In moderation, of course.

C. Mario brings people together
Mario has been bringing people together since the 1980s. Mario Kart Tour (a simplified version of the Mario Kart game, as an app on smart phones) just recently added the Multiplayer addition, so you can race your friends, for free, right from your phone. What could be better than challenging your buddies to a virtual Mario Kart duel, from the comfort of your own home?


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