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Hoodie Hoo Day

Hoodie Hoo Day

Hoodie Hoo Day is on February 20. If you are sick of the heaters, coats-on-sweaters, red noses, and boots, mark the end of winter with fun as you join your community to say goodbye to winter. Spring is a beautiful season of the year that we always look forward to. We cannot wait for winter to end, so we shout Hoodie Hoo on Hoodie Hoo Day.

Hoodie Hoo Day was established by the owners of Wellcat and is set on a day exactly a month before spring.

On Hoodie Hoo Day, people in the community gather in a place at noon, wave their hands, and shout, “Hoodie Hoo!” to say goodbye to winter and welcome to spring.

Spring is a beautiful season where flowers bloom, the sun is warm and pleasant, children grow faster, and animals give birth.

However, it has its downside. More tornadoes occur during spring than in any other season of the year. It is also a season when diseases spread faster and are considered a bad time to have children.

Nevertheless, we cannot help but look forward to feeling the warm sun on our faces and the cool breeze blowing through our hair.

Spring is a special season in many places, as Hoodie Hoo Day is celebrated in other ways in different places. For example, people gather to burn an effigy and throw it in a river to welcome spring and bid winter farewell to Poland. But this is done on the first day of spring.
This shows how excited we are to move on from dull ol’ winter and embrace the pleasant warmth of spring.

We are not sure whether Hoodie Hoo works, but it is a great way to bid the winter goodbye and get ready to have the best spring yet.

After shouting Hoodie Hoo, we go home to hot cups of tea, cuddle, eat, and do something fun like getting our closets ready for spring outfits, getting flower seeds to plant, and making plans for spring.

And if you ever wonder what Hoodie Hoo means, we are not sure either. But it was first used in the Andy Griffith show, meaning “How are you?” in country slang.

1.Go out and shout it
Join the community as they gather to wave away the winter. Join the communal chant as we shout, “Hoodie Hoo!”

2.Gather friends and family
The more the merrier! Make this day much more fun by gathering your friends and family. Afterward, give them a special “spring-coming” treat.

3.Prepare for spring
Start preparing for the much-awaited spring. Clear out your closet, and clean up the house, spring is on its way!

A. We end winter with fun
It is exciting to go out with many people and send off winter. We end the winter with fun activities.

B. We enter spring with memories
As we welcome spring on Hoodie Hoo Day, we make memories for the year. Take pictures to remember them forever.

C. We bond with others
Imagine a whole community coming together on Hoodie Hoo Day! We’ll bond with neighbors as we say goodbye to winter.


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