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Hedgehog Day

Hedgehog Day

Hedgehog Day, on February 2, tends to live in the “shadow” of Groundhog Day. And yes, there is a difference. You know those cute little balls of joy that have taken social media by storm? We are talking hedgehogs! Thanks to Instagram, these little babies have grown massively in popularity and now have an entire day dedicated to celebrating them. Want one as a pet? That’s a thorny subject. Read on to discover what it’s like to bring one of these cute creatures into your home.

1.Check on its shadow
Check your hedgehog’s shadow — if you’re lucky enough to own one.

2.Give your hedgehog its favorite treat
They love vegetables, crickets, cooked meats, and fruits.

3.Adopt a hedgehog of your own
Not everyone can pull this off, but if you want one — and they’re legal in your state — make sure you can care for it properly.

A. Hedgehogs were the original groundhogs
They used hedgehogs before groundhogs to figure out when spring would arrive. So you can thank hedgehogs for Groundhog Day.

B. You can (maybe) have one as a pet
It depends on where you live. They are not legal everywhere. The upside? They sure are adorable. Plus, they’re quiet. The only noise they tend to make is a cute purring sound. However, having a hedgehog as a pet is something that takes dedication and care, as they are not your typical house pet. Make sure to do your research!

C. Hedgehogs could make you Insta-famous
Social media has voted. Hedgehogs are way cute!


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