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Flag Day

Flag Day

America’s Flag Day marks the Second Continental Congress’s adoption of the first U.S. national flag on June 14, 1777. The first flag featured the same 13 red and white stripes we see today. However, the number and arrangement of stars have changed as the number of states has increased over the centuries. The current flag has remained the same since 1960. Will we ever go from 50 to 51? Read on for a look at some possible statehood candidates. And consider this a warmup for Independence Day — in just 20 days.

1.Plan a costume contest as part of a BBQ
The stars and stripes aren’t just for flags anymore. Take the opportunity on Flag Day to sport the red, white, and blue on socks, bathing suits, and hairstyles. It’s a perfect day to celebrate your patriotism with a fun twist.

2.Teach your kids or less informed friends a history lesson
An American flag trivia game is a quick and easy way to learn a few tidbits. Most people know that each star represents a state, but do they know that a new star only appears on July 4 following a state’s admission to the Union? Trivia – bam!

3.Make a healthy patriotic snack
Strawberries, blueberries, marshmallows, OH MY! Some of our favorite fruits lend themselves very well to creating flag-themed cakes, so roll with it. Fine, marshmallows aren’t a fruit, but they’re basically a summer necessity, so we’ll let it slide.


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