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City of Farmington

Farmington is a safe town and offers many extra curriculars for children as well as small town jobs throughout the city.

Farmington was one of the first communities in the United States to offer rural free mail delivery in 1897. The town continued to grow throughout the twentieth century. The city celebrated its centennial in 1972.

Farmington has a commute to St. Paul of 32 minutes. Minneapolis is a 40-minute commute. Next, it has a population of 22,502. They enjoy the 73 parks. The parks feature thousands of acres of wonderful trails, woods and wildlife. The unemployment rate is 2.5%. And the median home price is $287,700. Meanwhile the median age is 33.7 years old. Lastly, the median income is $87,653.

To summarize, I have found Farmington Elmo to be a popular suburb. Importantly, it features above rated schools. As well as lots of parks and community activities. Has a rural feel while being close to St. Paul is a real plus for many people. In addition, the cost of housing is more affordable than many other areas. In short, I suggest considering Farmington if you’re planning on moving to the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

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