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    National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

    By Win HomeTeam | February 9, 2024

    National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day Our economy couldn’t run without small mom and pop businesses. They create economic growth and provide almost 70% of all new jobs in the country.That’s why every year on March 29 we acknowledge the more than 27 million small businesses in this country by celebrating National Mom and... Read More

    National Spinach Day

    By Win HomeTeam | February 9, 2024

    National Spinach Day Remember this? “I’m Popeye the Sailor Man I’m Popeye the Sailor Man I’m strong to the finich ‘Cause I eats me spinach…” We’re quoting the world’s best-loved animated sailor since it’s National Spinach Day on March 26! Not only does spinach provide iron, it’s also an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin... Read More

    International Waffle Day

    By Win HomeTeam | February 9, 2024

    International Waffle Day International Waffle Day is on March 25 and celebrates waffles, their history, and a surprising religious holiday. A holiday that is best celebrated by eating waffles is our kind of holiday. Unsurprisingly the day has become a bit of a hit. It was originally celebrated in Sweden but now eager stomachs all... Read More

    National Biodiesel Day

    By Win HomeTeam | February 9, 2024

    National Biodiesel Day You can appear smart, eco-friendly, and resourceful to friends, family, and co-workers by celebrating National Biodiesel Day with them this March 18. No doubt they will be impressed with your mad gas knowledge (and so we’re clear, we’re talking about the gas that will help you attract friends, not scare them away).... Read More

    National K9 Veterans Day

    By Win HomeTeam | February 9, 2024

    National K9 Veterans Day Are you excited for National K9 Veterans Day this March 13, or are we barking up the wrong tree? Our little furry friends are already awesome as it is. But dogs who have been trained to serve our country are even more heroic. Plus, they look so cute and serious in... Read More

    Mario Day

    By Win HomeTeam | February 9, 2024

    Mario Day We celebrate Mario Day on March 10 each year, because March 10, written as “Mar10”, looks like Mario’s name. The friendly mustached Mario character was initially released by Nintendo in 1985 — doesn’t that make you feel old? Since then, Mario has appeared in around 200 different games, and the Mario games have... Read More

    National Oreo Day

    By Win HomeTeam | February 9, 2024

    National Oreo Day We celebrate America’s number one cookie each year on its very special day on March 6 with National Oreo Day. At National Today, we love a good cookie. And good cookies stem from the classics. In fact, one of our absolute favorites is a timeless classic: the Oreo. With crisp chocolate cookies... Read More

    National Anthem Day

    By Win HomeTeam | February 9, 2024

    National Anthem Day National Anthem Day on March 3 observes the songs nations around the world have adopted and chosen to represent their national identity. For America, that song is “The Star-Spangled Banner” and has a rich history to match the pomp and circumstance any national anthem should garner for the country it represents. Learn... Read More

    National Napping Day

    By Win HomeTeam | February 9, 2024

    National Napping Day Ever feel jet-lagged after daylight savings? March 11 is National Napping Day and it’s the perfect day to help you recuperate from the “spring forward.” Don’t doze off as I tell you this, I promise this won’t be a snooze fest! Napping is scientifically proven to be better for you than coffee... Read More

    Digital Learning Day

    By Win HomeTeam | January 5, 2024

    Digital Learning Day Digital Learning Day is celebrated annually on the last Thursday of every February. This year, it takes place on February 29. This day is an ongoing initiative led by the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed) to engage students and empower educators through the effective use of digital tools. In particular, the day... Read More