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Batman Day

Batman Day

Batman Day is a global celebration. Picture the most timeless superhero ever — we’re sure you’re picturing Batman and Batman only. Of course, we’re all aware of his epic look, his classic partner Robin, and his ever-popular Batmobile.

Because of this, every year on the third Saturday in September, which falls on September 17 this year, we celebrate Batman and the ageless storytelling of his life through comic books and movies. Citizens of Gotham and of the world honor Batman’s legacy on this fun-filled day that celebrates a pop culture icon. This day is celebrated across the globe due to Batman’s popularity in TV, film, and comics. For 80 years, Batman has gained much popularity as a character who reflects justice for fans all over the world. This Batman Day, let’s celebrate by practicing our own superhero qualities within.

Batman’s success over the years makes him a household name, but this day is actually celebrated to commemorate his first appearance ever in ‘‘Detective Comic’’ back in 1939. The day was originally in June in its first year but was moved around a few times.

The first Batman Day was officially on July 23, 2014, to make sure it coincided with Comic-Con International in San Diego that year. At Comic-Con, Batman’s 75 year anniversary was celebrated through Batman merchandise sales, and participating stores sold Batman stock from four different eras of the protagonist’s career. Classic original to modern design.

In 2015, special Batman publications and merchandise were released especially for Batman Day. It was discovered that the popularity of this day compared to other characters such as Wonder Woman and Superman, was the humanistic component. Batman is known to have no superpowers though he is in fact viewed as a superhero. His relatability, bravery, and pure athleticism over time gained the brand all its hardcore fans over the years.

The Bat signal became known worldwide, as one of the most identifiable images amongst other superhero iconography, making Batman capable of transcending cultures and language throughout the world. For the past five to six years, ‘’Warner Bros’’ and ‘‘DC Entertainment’’ have had Batman Day celebrations memorializing this classic character; This year’s Batman Day is promised to be the biggest and best one yet.

1.Watch the movies
Where do you begin? From ‘‘Dark Knight’’, ‘‘Joker’’, ‘‘Batman Forever’’, to ‘‘Batman and Robin’’, the choices are endless. You’re in for a treat because Batman movies are always epic and there’s just so much choice. Plus, there’s great star appearances from Jim Carey, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton.

2.Do Batman related activities
Create your own Batman related costume or props. If you have kids, you can dress up together or read a batman comic or book together. There’s Batman 5-minute stories, perfect for kids. There’s also an archive of great Batman television shows dating back to 1966.

3.Take away
Many comic book stores are doing giveaways, signings, exclusive deals and lots more to honor the dark knight. Some libraries are also highlighting the day by putting comics on display. Get out in your local area and explore what’s on offer.

A. A little help from my friends
The Batman series introduced us to many classic characters like the Joker, Robin, Harley Quinn, the Riddler, Cat Woman, the Penguin and so much more. These characters made the narrative original and though some were evil, they were pivotal to the plot and stories. On this day, we get to celebrate these characters too.

B. All at once
The choice of content to binge on on Batman day is endless. Batman appears in television, comic books, movies and pop culture. This day allows fans to connect with the caped crusader and his adventures all over again.

C. Batman returns
There’s a fabulous panel every year on this day at ‘‘WonderCon’’ in Anaheim where fans can go and listen in on others celebrating Batman.


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