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Audubon Park Neighborhood

Audubon Park Neighborhood

The Audubon Park neighborhood is located in the Northeast community in Minneapolis. Audubon Park is one of ten neighborhoods in Ward 1 of Minneapolis, which is represented on the Minneapolis City Council by Councilmember Elliot Payne. The neighborhood is bounded by Saint Anthony Parkway to the north, NE Stinson Parkway to the east, NE Lowry Avenue to the south, and Central Avenue to the west. Stinson Parkway and St. Anthony Parkway are both part of the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway. Stinson Parkway is also the city’s border with St. Anthony.

Audubon Park is also the name of the only city park located entirely within the boundaries of the Audubon Park neighborhood. The park and neighborhood are named in honor of John James Audubon, a great American naturalist and ornithologist. A majority of the houses in this relatively hilly neighborhood were built in the 1940s.

Parks & Lakes
Minneapolis parks encompass the city’s defining lakes and the river banks, and include features of astonishing beauty, historical significance and ecological wonder, all within a thriving urban setting.

It’s important to distinguish Minneapolis’ regional parks from its network of 160 neighborhood parks.

Regional parks like Above the Falls, Minneapolis Chain of Lakes, Minnehaha and Theodore Wirth serve many people from outside Minneapolis and rely on funds from the state and other public agencies serving broad constituencies to develop and maintain park amenities.

Public Art in Parks
The Minneapolis Park System hosts a delightful variety of public art, from the iconic Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and Minneapolis Institute of Art, to dozens of sculptures, fountains and other works that create treasured culture resources across neighborhood and regional parks.


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