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Monthly Archives: August 2022

    ​National Wildlife Day 2

    By Win HomeTeam | August 19, 2022

    ​National Wildlife Day America marks National Wildlife Day on September 4. It’s an opportunity for everyone to step back, take a deep breath and think about all that surrounds us. It inspiring to consider preservation and conservation efforts that work to improve the natural world. There remains so much to learn. As Henry David Thoreau... Read More

    National Love People Day

    By Win HomeTeam | August 18, 2022

    National Love People Day People write songs about it or read poems inspired by it but do we really know what love is? That’s something to consider on National Love People Day, held annually on September 30. Many religions and non-religious spiritual practices center on the idea of giving love wholeheartedly without expecting anything in... Read More

    National Coffee Day

    By Win HomeTeam | August 18, 2022

    National Coffee Day While the U.S. and Canada celebrate National Coffee Day on September 29, other nations mark this day throughout the calendar. International Coffee Day happens just two days later on October 1. The International Coffee Organization has pledged to help struggling coffee farmers worldwide make a living wage. HISTORY OF NATIONAL COFFEE DAYThe... Read More

    National Good Neighbor Day

    By Win HomeTeam | August 18, 2022

    National Good Neighbor Day It’s National Good Neighbor Day on September 28. On this day, we do fun activities to bond with our neighboring families. It’s a great way to break the ice and build long-lasting relationships for community development. HISTORY OF NATIONAL GOOD NEIGHBOR DAYGood-neighborliness defines how pleasant and comfortable our neighborhood is —... Read More

    World Tourism Day

    By Win HomeTeam | August 18, 2022

    World Tourism Day Get your bulky cameras ready, unfold your maps and make sure your fanny pack still fits snugly. World Tourism Day every September 27, raises awareness of the need for accessible tourism all over the planet. World Tourism Day is the result of the work done by the UN’s specialized agency — the... Read More

    National Family Day

    By Win HomeTeam | August 18, 2022

    National Family Day National Family Day, celebrated on September 26, puts the spotlight on the people that make our lives meaningful. Families come in many forms and sizes and under different circumstances, but what they all share is unconditional love and support for those growing on the same family tree. From nuclear family units to... Read More

    Rosh Hashanah

    By Win HomeTeam | August 18, 2022

    Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah, literally translating to ‘head of the year’, is the Jewish New Year, starting on the first day of Tishrei — the Jewish calendar’s first month. On the Gregorian calendar, the Jewish New Year will be celebrated this year from sundown on September 25 through sundown on September 27. As of 2021,... Read More

    National Bunny Day

    By Win HomeTeam | August 18, 2022

    National Bunny Day What’s up, doc? National Bunny Day highlights the value and contributions that pet rabbits bring to their owners. Held on the fourth Saturday or Sunday each September, National Bunny Day also centers on the welfare of rabbits — while promoting a healthy environments for those raised as pets. The House Rabbit Society... Read More

    Native American Day

    By Win HomeTeam | August 18, 2022

    Native American Day Native American Day is celebrated on the fourth Friday of September every year, falling on September 23 this year, as a way of honoring those who have been a part of the American tradition even before the nation of the U.S.A. came into being. However, the history of the Native Americans is... Read More

    National Singles Day

    By Win HomeTeam | August 18, 2022

    National Singles Day There’s a bit of conventional wisdom related to National Singles Day, September 22 that says, “A new love finds you when you least expect it; when you’ve stopped looking and you’re on the verge of giving up, that’s when it hits you like a ton of bricks.” We’d like to add, there... Read More