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Monthly Archives: June 2022

    Cleveland Neighborhood_

    By Win HomeTeam | June 23, 2022

    Cleveland Neighborhood Cleveland is a neighborhood in the Camden community in Minneapolis. Its boundaries are Dowling Avenue to the north, Penn Avenue North to the east, Lowry Avenue north to the south, and Xerxes Avenue North to the west. To the west of Xerxes Avenue is the suburb of Robbinsdale. Some people believe that the... Read More

    National Mac and Cheese Day_

    By Win HomeTeam | June 22, 2022

    National Mac and Cheese Day It’s perhaps the king of comfort foods, the dominant dish of America, and a favorite of all ages all over the country: Macaroni and cheese. Golden and gooey, baked and hearty, this sideline staple or main dish can be served up any number of ways, and on July 14, you’ll... Read More

    National Chili Dog Day_

    By Win HomeTeam | June 22, 2022

    National Chili Dog Day The last Thursday in July is National Chili Dog Day (July 28)! Making decisions is difficult. Alas, making decisions about what mouthwatering cuisine to satiate your appetite during the sweltering summer months can also be difficult. Do you want chili? Do you want hot dogs? Sometimes life doesn’t have to be... Read More

    Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

    By Win HomeTeam | June 22, 2022

    Guinea Pig Appreciation Day On July 16, people across America celebrate Guinea Pig Appreciation Day to pay tribute to these cuddly lovable pets that stole the hearts of thousands of people. Yes, these furballs are friendly pocket pets that can prove to be one of the best companions if treated right. And guess what? These... Read More

    International Day of Friendship

    By Win HomeTeam | June 21, 2022

    International Day of Friendship International Day of Friendship was designated by the United Nations General Assembly (U.N.). On July 30, we step back and get thankful for these relationships worldwide, as they promote and encourage peace, happiness, and unity. The U.N. encourages governments, community groups, and other organizations to coordinate activities and events that celebrate... Read More

    National Mutt Day

    By Win HomeTeam | June 21, 2022

    National Mutt Day Dogs are special and there are oodles of national (and international) holidays to prove it. But unlike most of our doggy days, National Mutt Day, on July 31, focuses on the mixed breed dogs who sometimes get overlooked. This holiday inspires people to learn more about adopting one. National Mutt Day also... Read More

    National Cheesecake Day

    By Win HomeTeam | June 21, 2022

    National Cheesecake Day National Cheesecake Day is the creamiest and yummiest holiday held on July 30 where America samples and indulges in some of the most delicious cheesecakes ever! Separately, cheese and cake are beloved all over the world. But taken together, they attract a veritable cult following. Cheesecake is thought to have originated in... Read More

    National Lipstick Day

    By Win HomeTeam | June 21, 2022

    National Lipstick Day Splurge on the high-end crimson lipstick you’ve been eyeing this July 29, National Lipstick Day! Lipstick has likely been around for thousands of years, made out of an insane array of items, from gemstones to crushed bugs. It has also come to symbolize so many things for women particularly through the eras,... Read More

    National Scotch Day

    By Win HomeTeam | June 21, 2022

    National Scotch Day Observed each year on July 27, National Scotch Day celebrates the iconic whisky. In order to be considered scotch, this classy and distinctive spirit must be made in Scotland. It must be fermented from malted barley, aged in oak barrels for at least three years and have an ABV or alcohol content... Read More

    National Aunt and Uncle Day

    By Win HomeTeam | June 21, 2022

    National Aunt and Uncle Day National Aunts and Uncles Day is observed every July 26. Our aunts and uncles are unique parts of our family; they can be like a second set of parents, or great friends you happen to be related to. Often, they’ve watched us grow up, and are full of stories about... Read More